The Liberal-Arts Form of Baseball

            The Tampa Bay Rays are known for their versatility, according to a story in today’s New York Times.  They can hit, run, steal bases, force pitchers into making mistakes—in a word, they’re approach to winning games is multi-faceted because they focus on trying “to play every component of the game well,” according to manager Joe Maddon.  “It’s not just about power or just about speed.  You really want to be able to do all those different things.”

            It’s early in the season to predict who will be left standing on October, but the Rays are, apparently, seen as “a great team.”  Their manager credits their versatility, and says “It’s more of the liberal arts form of playing baseball” (italics mine).

            Versatility is a strength and one of many advantages of the liberal arts, and here’s a major league coach who knows it!

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